Step 2 – Clearance and Access

Not everything around a building is built like it should be.

Adjustments may need to be made with things like down pipes and other service penetrations that could compromise the treated soil later on.

Here are a couple of examples:


Downpipes have to provide adeqate clearance from the wall.

In cases where they don’t, adjustments have to be made by a plumber before the installation can proceed.

ReTerM Clearance - Downpipes

Downpipes need to have adequate clearance for the system

This is what is required:

ReTerM - Down Pipe Clearance

This is the type of clearance required


Drains can cause issues depending on how they were installed.  In some cases, adjustments need to be made.

Here is one example:

ReTerM - Drains

Drains have to be cleared - it may mean additional plumbing work

Other Obstacles

Other things that can cause problems includ vent pipes, air conditioning systems, service penetrations.

In most cases temporary removal is the solution, however with service penetrations proper protection should be established during the installation of the ReTerM™ system to avoid unnecessary re-treatment issues later on.  See the next article.

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