Reterm Test Sites

Development of the ReTerMTM Termiticide Placement System included utilising the services of an independent engineer to test the water flow and delivery capability of the system.
These trials were conducted both above the ground and within a trench system to simulate an actual installation. Results were extremely favourable in both situations.
Once the engineering tests were completed, an in-situ trial was then conducted to simulate a typical installation of 100 lineal metres with the application of a typical termiticide. Soil replacement was conducted using a sandy loam blend from a local landscape supplier.
This was done to provide a consistent matrix for the termiticide to bond to and to further simulate the requirements of the system when installed in future.
Three of the 100 lineal metre installations were installed and three termiticides were used. The termiticide chemicals were Bifenthrin, Imidacloprid, and Fipronil.


All testing was undertaken by fully independent scientific bodies provided through UniQuest.