Reterm termiticide reticulation termiticide barrierThe ReTerM™ system is installed to manage potential subterranean termite ingress into structures in both pre and post construction phases. With pre construction the ReTerM™ system is supported with the use of other approved systems.

The system is primarily a re-treatment system and is designed in a simplistic manner. It consists of a UPVC pipe to carry the termiticide around the structure which is then covered by a specialised perforated sleeve to evenly distribute the termiticide to the soil.

Due to the design of the perforated sleeve, injecting the pipe creates an even backpressure throughout the entire ReTerM™ system with minimal discharge into the soil until the system is full. Once full, even pressures allow for even distribution of the termiticide to the soil.

In addition to this even distribution, the extensive testing and design allows for at least 50 lineal metres of ReTerM™ to be installed from any single injection point.

Alternatively, where the system is installed in a single and continuous loop, at least 100 lineal metres of ReTerM™can be installed from any single injection point.

With the distance around the average home being between 60 and 100 lineal metres, ReTerM™ can be installed as a complete loop with one single injection point being placed near the driveway for easy and convenient re injection.

ReTerM System

Installation Methods

Due to the varied nature of pre and post construction, the ReTerM™ system comprises of a range of different installation methods, each with a particular name and installation process.

Loop System

  • The ‘Loop’ system is installed for pre construction management for constructions such as infill slabs and knocks out block constructions, and for post construction as the external barrier system. When installed internally this ‘Loop’ system is described as the ‘Internal Loop’ system. When installed externally the system is described as the ‘External Loop´ system.

Lineal System

  • The ‘Lineal’ system is installed for pre-construction management for control joints, and for post construction as the external barrier system where the structure exceeds the maximum allowable distance for a single ‘External Loop’ system.

Special Purpose

  • The ‘Special Purpose’ system is installed in both pre and post construction situations where a ‘Loop’ or ‘Lineal’ system is not suitable. The ‘Special Purpose’ system is designed to be a combination of the other two systems and can be used to protect areas such as veranda posts, support piers, sunken baths, internal spas and more. It is expected that the description of this system will continue to be added to this manual as required.

Filler Point Housing

The ‘Filler Point Housing’ is the unique plastic housing fitted to or in (as is an option for pre-construction work) the structure. The ‘Filler Point Housing’ is designed to protect the ‘Filler Point’ from access by unauthorised persons. The ‘Filler Point’ is sealed with a ‘Filler Point Plug’ and the housing requires a specially designed ‘Filler Point Housing Key’ to enable it to be opened.

ReTerM Filler Box